Zizzy and Ava 1

Lizz and Ava at Thomas the Train

This page is dedicated to Lizz and my granddaughter, her niece, Ava Michelle Dowdy. To Ava, Lizz was “Zizzy”. And as you can tell from the pictures that follow it was indeed a very special relationship. You see, my granddaughter loved her Zizzy. Ava was five when Zizzy, Fischer and Ben went to heaven. As Ava told me, they live in heaven with Jesus who rides a big white horse with a rainbow mane and Fischer and Ben play with the lions and kangaroos.  She has told her mommy, my middle daughter Lauren, that she misses her Zizzy. My hope is that this page will contain pictures and memories for her until we all get to see Lizz, Fischer and Ben again. Lauren has also dedicated walls in her home of pictures of Lizz and the boys, to help make sure that Ava’s memories never fade.  Her family and I are also committed to honor their memories to live on with Ava and in all of us.

Recently (July 2013), Ava wanted to make a wreath like I make for her Zizzy, Fischer and Ben.  While we were painting and glittering (of course, you knew there would be glitter!), out of the blue she said:  “Nana……don’t you wish we could go to heaven and see Zizzy, Fischer and Ben?”.  Wow.  Talk about cutting right through to the heart of the issue.  I swallowed hard, and tried not to cry and said:  “Yes, Ava that would be awesome.  But heaven doesn’t work that way.  We have to wait until it is our time to go….and besides, there is so much for us to see you do before we go!  See you graduate, go to college, play sports, or whatever the future holds.”  Through our children and grandchildren the light shines!

Here is a picture of her wreath!  She picked out all the flowers, butterflies, bird etc.  And just like my wreath, her’s also has meaning:  The pink butterfly is for her Zizzy.  The blue butterfly for her mommy.  The blue rose for her Daddy.  The two lady bugs for her precious cousins Fischer and Benjamin.  She is represented on the wreath by the pink bird on the pink AND GLITTERED bird house.  Love her and her amazing spirit!  She truly is a blessing to me in this life.


Ava’s wreath she made with Nana on 7/1/2013 to hang on her door. She was insistant that she wanted her name on it like Zizzy, Fischer and Ben’s.

Ava Michelle: Here’s to you and your Zizzy!  I love you!  Nana (Julie)

Ava and Zizzy 12212009

Lizz and Ava 2009


Lizz and Ava with their “poses” 2009

Zizza and Ava 11052010

Lizz and Ava November 2010

Easter 301

Lizz and Ava “posing” Easter at the Patschke’s

Easter 295

Lizz and Ava Easter at the Patschke’s

Lizz and Ava

Lizz and Ava her last weekend before going home

One thought on “Zizzy

  1. such a sweet thing to have a great relationship with your aunt! I’m not close with any of mine, although love them all dearly. however i have been so blessed to become very close with my husbands and now my aunt.. she is one of my dearest friends and i love her to death. i know ava will always cherish the memories and times she had w her zizzy

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