Memorial Wreaths


As part of this grief journey, I have felt a desire to find a way to honor Lizz and the boys in an earthly way while they live in a heavenly home.  I started looking for memorial wreaths and found that the ones that are pre-made are considerably lacking to illustrate the individuality of each of them and reflect the personality of three little boys that were 3, 2 and yet to be born.  Through this desire and need is why my memorial wreaths were born.  As someone has shared with me, unblocking our inner artist is extremely therapeutic, healing and inspiring.

I created the memorial wreaths for those holidays/special occasions that I would have celebrated with Lizz and the boys.  Most of the times, I create two memorial wreaths.  One for my front porch and one for the cemetery in Salado that is the witness and testimony for their earthly lives.

Please visit or simply click the Twentycoats Wreath Creations tab above to view some of the memorial wreaths that I have created for Elizabeth, Fischer, Ben and Hayes along with others that have asked me to create a wreath to honor their loved ones.

Thank you for following this journey with me!



9 thoughts on “Memorial Wreaths

  1. oh goodness Julie I can’t begin to pick a favorite…there is not one that i don’t love. this is such a wonderful tribute to your beautiful daughter and precious grandsons. i am so glad this is therapeutic for you and you are really good at it…love laurie

  2. Julie, what a wonderful day to reflect and remember. It is a time to spend with each person spiritually. A healthy way to reflect on the past memories and to make new memories in honor of each of them. They are so beautiful and I love that you have allowed us to see each one. I wish I could drive by and see your memory wreaths each time you put them out. I pray that each time you work on them the greive goes away and the joyful ememories take over.

    • Thanks Tiffany! I have completed a spring one that is going to the cemetery on Friday and have also completed the Mother’s Day wreath. Be sure and come back and take a peek!

      I too agree, this has been very helpful in the process.

      And as some people have told me if my day job doesn’t work out, I can make wreaths!


  3. Hi Julie~it’s Sheila “Zimmerman” Herzog-I’m so glad I came across your blog-I have thought about you often this past year and will certainly keep you in my prayers on 7-31-13…remembering your beautiful daughter and precious “3” grandsons-our grandsons were also born in 2008-and 2010-Caleb will be 5 in Aug. and Luke just turned 3 in June~little sister Karis was born in Nov-she is almost 8 months old-they live in Houston and we visit as often as we can.
    I love your wreaths-they are all beautiful-I especially love the suflower and pretty blue cross as well as the one honoring Elizabeth on Mother’s day-Fischer’s soccer wreath is darling and I also love Ben’s 3rd birthday balloon one~what a lovely tribute to your sweet angels~know that I keep you close in my thoughts and heart~take care and keep in touch~Sheila

  4. Julie, after our lunch Friday, I was thrilled to see your wreaths were posted. They are a beautiful tribute to your loved ones. You are very creative that is for sure. You truly are an inspiration. I hear and feel your pain but I am so inspired by your faith and strength that I know comes from our Jesus. He is true and faithful. I pray for you daily and look forward to our next visit. I love Julie so much!!!!

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