Brothers 12162011 Brothers 03142012Fischer Phillip Dowdy was born in Round Rock, Texas at Scott and White Hospital, October 1, 2008.  What an amazing day that was!  Filled with joy, celebration, and thanksgiving for a beautiful baby boy quickly developed into concern.  Fischer developed some respiratory issues and the Round Rock hospital was concerned enough to transport him to their major hospital that had a NICU in Temple, TX.  Fischer was transported by helicopter!  We always told Fischer when he would see a helicopter that he had ridden in one of those on his birthday and how very special he was.  Fischer was full of life and full of love.  Fischer had a no holds barred life.  I think that is one of the life lessons of Fischer…..HE LOVED LIFE!  In every frog, turtle, lizard, bird, in every activity, in everything!  Fischer was the first one to rush up to you and tell you what exciting things were going on that day.  Fischer was like the energizer bunny and would keep going until utter exhaustion would overcome his little body and he would ultimately pass out.   I’m sure he is the same in heaven.  Telling Jesus what the latest and greatest exciting thing he had done in heaven and taking many of his family members that have gone before him to show them all the exciting things that his new home offers.

Benjamin Samuel Dowdy was also born in Round Rock, Texas at Scott and White Hospital, April 15, 2010.  Again, it was a glorious day welcoming a brother, nephew, grandson, and son into the world.  Ben (Benji as some of us affectionately called him) grew up quickly with his older brother Fischer showing him the way.  Ben had a different temperament than Fischer.  He was the one to snuggle and give hugs, and he had a shyness where he would drop his head in his mommy’s chest.  But there were times when he would grow weary of his older brother pestering him and he would let Fischer know that he had had enough :).

Raising two young boys always meant a busy, busy day to day life.  Talking with Lizz on the phone during this time in her life was always interesting.  Many of our phone conversations would go something like this:

Lizz:  Hi Mom, what’s up? 

Me:  Not much, on my way to work.

Lizz:  Fischer has a rash…..Fischer stop aggravating your brother!……Ben!  Stop bothering Fischer!…..Mom, I gotta go.  I’ll call you later (hear frustration in her voice).

It is an interesting phenomena that children ALWAYS know when you are on the phone and when is the perfect moment to interrupt!

Make no mistake though that these two brothers loved each other.  They shared a bedroom with bunk beds.  They learned to share.   They were playmates.   Neither of them remembered their life without the other.  Fischer was always quick to introduce Ben to people by exclaiming:  “This is Ben.  He’s my brother.”  Samuel who also has a younger brother (Daniel) always stressed to Fischer the importance of being the big brother and watching out for his baby brother.

Fast forward to 2012…….Then there were to be three.

Lizz and Sam decided to add another child to their growing family.  This baby had a very different pregnancy than the others.  Lizz made several emergency trips to the doctor and hospital.  Lizz was fearful she was going to lose the baby.  One time she called me to tell me what was going on and she was VERY distraught.  Sam was going to stay with the boys and she was going to drive herself to Scott and White in Round Rock.  It was over a 30 minute trip from Salado.  I told her she was too upset to drive and I would come get her.   She cried all the way to the emergency room and prayed for God to help her not lose the baby.  As we sat in the emergency room until the wee hours of the morning waiting for the doctor to come back, I will never forget her telling the nurse she was not waiting one more minute.  She wanted a sonogram machine in their NOW and she wanted to hear her baby’s heart beat NOW.  Once she heard the heart beat, she was going to go home and rest and see her doctor in the morning.  She demanded to see the ER doctor.  It was probably the most forceful I had ever seen Lizz.  When she did hear the heart beat, she burst into tears of joy!  Her baby was fine at that moment.  Her prayers had been heard.

Lizz had a doctor appointment to find out the gender of the baby on Wednesday, August 1, 2012.  If it was a girl she was going to be named Miranda Jane Dowdy.  If it was another boy he was going to be given the name Hayes William Dowdy.  Lizz never made it to that appointment.  She and her 3 children left us on July 30, 2012 and are now in the presence of our Lord.  The Travis County Medical Examiner was able to confirm for us that Lizz and Sam were to have a third son.  His expected due date was January 2, 2013.  The only pictures we have of Hayes is his sonogram picture and Lizz in her pregnancy glow taken on a mountain top in Alaska a month before the accident.  Her family anticipates the day when we will meet Hayes for the first time.  I know Lizz has her hands full with three boys.  But she has some family there helping her until we are rejoined once again.

Three brothers what an amazing bond!  Sons being raised by a Mom that relished and appreciated how God had created them.  She now gets to have our Heavenly Father show her without the brokenness of this world what her sons lives were intended to be.

Lastly, Fischer and Ben loved Toy Story.  Buzz and Woody were some of their favorite toys.  When I hear this song, I always think of them!  I love the lines of the song that say:

The day I met you,
Was the luckiest day of my life.
And I bet you feel the same.
At least I hope you do.
So don’t forget,
If the future should take you away,
That you’ll always be part of me.

So, true, so true!   Enjoy!

01 – We Belong Together

Please visit their individual pages for pictures.



One thought on “Brothers

  1. Thnk u for this story. I never got to meet the boys or see Liz w her babies so its cool to hear about their personalities and bond.

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