Happy 8th Birthday Benjamin!

There are no new words that I can share today with you Ben that I have not already said on previous birthdays.  No new insights…..other than:  I wonder if you were still here with us, how your appearance would have changed in the last 6 years?  You would be finishing 2nd grade this spring.  Do you like school?  Do you enjoy reading like your cousin Ava?  Do you play sports?  If so, which ones?  I’m sure you would have lots of friends.  That’s the thing about this temporary separation we experience.  Wondering who you would be today.  And so, I will just have to wait.  Until all things are revealed to me one day…..oh one day.  I don’t know when that day will be, but I know everyday that passes is one day closer than it was yesterday.  And so I do what I have done the last 6 years…..it’s the only thing I know to do really.  I make your memorial wreath and reflect on my precious memories as I pin 800 balloons to your wreath.  I then visit the earthly place that bears your name.

Ben Birthday wreath 2018

I recall our last time together.  At the movies with your brother and Papa John.  You and Fischer playing in the play room at the movie theater…..and seeing a cricket which you were hollering “cicket”  “cicket”.  Your big brother Fischer had to translate for us that you were excited about the cricket that was under the bridge where you were playing.  We then left and because it was a warm Texas spring day, off we go to the local custard/snowcone place.  You choose a blue snowcone for Captain America.  Your brother Fischer, chooses green for the Hulk.  You couldn’t wait for me to take this picture because you wanted to see if your tongue turned blue.    And so, this picture with your blue eyes, your blue tongue, with your arms raised holds a very special place in my heart.  Who would have known…..this would be our last time together this side of heaven.


So, today, I’m sure there are snowcones in heaven……so I hope you have one….a blue one.  I see you asked Jesus to send me a godwink.  A lizard.  He was out sunning, but stayed by me for quite some time.  Thank you Jesus.  Please hug the boys for me.  Please wish Ben a Happy Birthday.  And tell their momma, my youngest blue eyed daughter…….I love them and miss them always.

Ben 8 birthday fb cover




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