Resurrection Sunday 2018

Easter Cemetery 2018

O death, where is your victory, O death where is your sting?  1 Corinthians 15:55

There is no better place to understand the significance of Resurrection Sunday than a cemetery early Easter morning.  I’ve come to a place in this journey regarding the temporary separation of my daughter and grandsons absence, of peace and reconciliation.    Do I still miss them?  Oh my YES!  I will continue to miss them until the day I leave this life and join them and my Jesus.  But I am a living testament of how Jesus’ blood has bled into my wounds and provided healing, grace and peace.  The more I learn of personal pain, I see a tiny glimpse (I’m not sure I can understand it fully in this life) of his sacrifice which then floods my heart with gratitude and love.  You see, for me, Resurrection Sunday is the culmination of that awe, wonder, gratitude and love for my Savior.  That God walked among us, suffered horrific torture, beatings, and an inhumane death because of such LOVE.  That’s it.  Love.  Love for me and you.  We don’t have to battle the culture.  The early church showed us that.  We just need to LOVE our neighbors as ourselves and then have FAITH that with that kind of LOVE and the amazing power of God, lives are changed.   And oh how our world needs this…….it has become clearer to me over the last  5 1/2 years, that was part of Elizabeth’s story and continues to be…..the love of Jesus.  For those that knew her, her laugh, her smile and those eyes……for those that experienced the joy and laughter of  Fischer and Ben, to let that tragic loss allow our light to burn brighter, more intense.   Many say:  “You are so strong to survive.  I could never”.  I see those words as my opportunity to share the grace and healing of Jesus.  I am more convinced than ever that when Paul wrote Romans 8:28 that we should sift our pain and loss through these words:  “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”  And one day, He will reveal to me how he used the death of Lizz and the boys for good and His purpose.

So, today, Resurrection Sunday always starts where it did with Jesus…..the empty tomb.  At the cemetery, I show my love, just like the women that first Easter morning honoring  Jesus at his burial site.   I bring the memorial wreaths that I made and  Easter lilies to honor their lives and to honor my Jesus.  The ONE that died and rose on the third day.  Hallelujah!  I always use purple and white at Easter.  Purple because that is the color of the KING!  To my King where every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord!  I use white for the RESURRECTION and our hope and promise of eternal life for those that believe in Him.

My heart is somewhat of a dichotomy.  I miss my Lizz and those sweet boys, but yet, because of Jesus and his LOVE that led him to the cross to overcome death, I have this hope, this promise that where He is, there I shall be and the same promise holds for all that believe in Him.  That same promise is now realized for Lizz and the boys….and so my heart has joy.  Unspeakable joy of Him….and for Him.    And for all these reasons, Easter is my absolute favorite of all the holidays!

In the words of the great hymn:

Jesus paid it all…..

All to him I owe…..

So, this Easter, I come before the throne of the one who paid it all with a joyous and grateful heart for the triumph over the grave and for the promise of eternity to those that love him.  I am also reminded to let my shine more brightly for Him and to love even when….it……..sooooo…..hard.  Show grace to others as He has shown to me…..even when they don’t deserve it……because neither did I.  Do I get this right?  Oh my no!  Is it easy?  Again, NO!  I still fall short in so many ways, but I try…..and keep trying.

May this Resurrection Sunday, revive us again to be the light in a dark world and carry His love and grace forward in our world that needs Him desperately.

Lastly, I can only imagine what an amazing place heaven must be on Resurrection Sunday.  And if you don’t know my Jesus and would like to know him personally, you can message me or visit this website:




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