Happy Heavenly 5th Birthday Hayes William!

Hayes 2018Hayes:  The first week of January, 2013 marks your birthday.  Your exact birthdate is not known because your Mommy was 5 months pregnant at the time you all went to heaven.  And so, this first week of January brings in the new year with a birthday wreath to honor you.

The only picture I have of you is from your Mommy’s first sonogram photo.   IMG_2182

And even though I never got to meet you in person, to see your face or hold you this side of heaven, you were always in the arms of Christ.  You see, I don’t know if we age in heaven, but I do know beyond any doubt that God will make it all complete, whole and amazing when I join you one day.

Hayes, you turn 5 this year if you were with us…….and you would be starting school this fall with your brothers!  You would now be an age where you would be holding your own with your two older brothers Fischer and Ben.

And so, today, I honor you and your Mommy, my daughter that was carrying you.  I will say your name today as I lay your wreath at the cemetery.

I’m sure your Mommy has an amazing party planned and there are more family members that have gone to heaven this past year that will join in the celebrations and meet you!  Please hug Jesus for me….tell him I love him, give your Mommy and brothers hugs and my love and know that when the time is right…..in God’s perfect time…….I will be there too because our God is faithful.

Until then, I hold you in my heart.

I love you,


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