Christmas 2017 Part A

Well, I completed my Christmas wreath orders and started to focus on the season personally, on my family and the Diem house décor.  As I write this post, I have no wreath on the door!  The irony that I am a wreath designer, have a wreath business and I have no Christmas wreath  of my own yet…..but that is on my agenda to complete tomorrow!  I decided to do something very different and “untraditional” with the Christmas décor this year but we absolutely love it.  I think it reflects the season, honors Jesus and my family.

First is the birch tree mini forest with ornaments that honor Jesus’ royal names and his birth names:

And the family stockings have grown which is an incredible blessing  so I decided to make a “stocking tree” with them.  The latest addition this year is Ms. Camryn!  This will be her first Christmas and we are excited to celebrate that with her and all our six grandchildren.  In this photo, you can also see part of our new scrabble tile collage with our names.  (Stockings by Lands End and LL Bean)


And then I finished our mantle.  It also carries the birch tree theme with smaller trees, birch garland, angel candle holders and birch tree candles.  The amazing artwork displayed is from DeAnn Designs.  On her website she shares this quote from author Lysa TerKeurst (Proverbs31 ministry)

“Angels are not mystical or mythological, nor are they supposed to be the object of our worship. They are Biblical realities on assignment from God. They point me to recognize God’s presence and see God’s power. I need to remember this truth. That’s why I asked my artist friend Deann to paint some angels for me to hang in my home where I see them every day.”

I have admired her artwork for awhile and these angel canvasses spoke to me and decided 2017 was the year to get them and display them.  The large angel canvas is titled Remembering Her and from the title I KNEW that was the one.  The smaller canvas on the mantle itself is titled That which fills her heart.  Again, it made me think of Elizabeth, Fischer and Ben and how those boys filled her heart and mine.  Even though she didn’t, it was if she painted them specifically for me!  You can follow DeAnn  on Instagram and Facebook.  I also have two of her barn series canvasses.


“Remembering Her”


“That which fills her heart”

mantle 2017

Diem Mantle Christmas 2017

And then I received this thoughtful and precious ornament for 2017 from my daughter-in-law that has all my grandchildren!  Ten children call me Nana.  So blessed!  It will also be placed on our stocking tree!  #saytheirnames


And the part of my décor that focuses my attention for the Reason of the Season is our Willow Tree Nativity set.  I always add a new piece to our set every year and I love that it now covers the entire entry table!    The new additions for 2017 are the cypress trees (which have sunflowers carved into them!) next to the crèche and a couple of new smaller pieces.  One is titled “spirit of giving” and she is on the right hand of the nativity located at back behind the camel and the angel and holding a small gold package.    On the left hand side of the nativity towards the back, in front of the stars is another small  girl holding a magnolia wreath.  Lastly, hanging over our nativity set this year is a O come let us adore Him scroll that I got from CottonWood Shanty.

I swap the angels that are on top of the creche every year.  This year I selected the angel of hope.  She is holding a lighted candle.  I have also added small lights to highlight them at night.


Last is our tablescape (which also has the birch tree theme), additional pictures of the forest/dining area, and my kitchen window always reminding me to have JOY!

My focus next week is to create the memorial wreaths for Elizabeth, Fischer, Benjamin and Hayes, wrap gifts and get a wreath on my door!  I’ll provide an update with the  wreath pictures!

May this time of year bring you peace, blessings and good tidings of comfort and JOY!

Lastly, I was reminded again by God these last few days that God is good….all the time.  Even when we can’t see it or feel it.

Emmanuel, God with us!




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