Happy 9th Birthday Fischer!

Fischer 3 candles1Fischer, today you turn 9.  It seems like the past 6 birthdays since you, your brothers and your mommy left us are forever ago and yet at the same time it is if your 3rd Captain America birthday party was yesterday.

As I reflect on this day, and the 6 birthdays since you went to be with the ultimate Super Hero Jesus, I have so many precious memories in those three short years.  The first time I held you in the hospital.  How you took a helicopter ride to a hospital that had a NICU due to your breathing problems.    Your mom named you after a boy character in a movie and loved the name Fischer and how it was spelled.   And now it is not lost on me that you now live with the Fisher of Men!  AMEN!  AMEN!

You had a strong mind of your own.  I remember how long you were in time out before you could apologize for your infraction.  But I also remember your playfulness, your crush on your cousin Ava, your love of animals, your brother, and your special connection with Lauren (your Lolly), your partner in crime!

You would be in 3rd grade this year….reading books on your own and playing some sort of sport I am sure.  These are the small things that I miss without you here.  But I am confident that when we are together again, God will fill in those gaps for me and it will be like we were never apart.  In fact, we aren’t apart today…..for in my heart is a very special place where you reside.  All my love, my memories, and that day when we will be together again.  If we have to be physically apart, there is no better place for you to be than with my Jesus.

I know your momma has a party planned as she always did and more of your family members will join your party in heaven this year.  To honor you and celebrate your life today I will  lay your birthday wreath.  22089070_10214490162954599_4391107166444048163_n

I will also have lunch with your Lolly (Lauren) and Ninny (Jennifer) and your 1st cousins (Ava, Eli, Marshall and Camryn), Papa John, Uncle Dan and Uncle Keith as we celebrate Jennifer’s belated birthday and remember you on this day that you came into our life that changed us forever.

I love you Fischman.  Please thank Jesus for all the lizards that have crossed my path and the frogs that sing outside our window these last few days.  They are reminders of you, and they make me smile and my heart well up with love.

Fischer and Lizard3 09182010Fischer frog 10162010

Until we are together again, please hug your mom, tell her Nana loves her and wrestle those brothers Ben and Hayes for me.

I love you Fischer Phillip…..to God and back……