Ben you turn 7…..

Easter 177 (2)Benjamin, Benji, Ben… is your birthday.  You turn 7.  You were 2 when you went to heaven.  Your eyes so blue, just like your beautiful momma’s.  It’s hard to imagine that you would be finishing up 2nd grade if you were here.  I always wonder, what do you enjoy?  Fishing like your Dad and Mom?  Playing baseball?  Or golf like your mom hoped?  So many things I would love to know about you today, but I know one day, I will have all those questions answered and more.

Your birthday falls on Easter weekend this year.    My favorite holiday…….because it is this holiday and the sacrifice of Jesus and his resurrection is why I am full of hope.  Because my precious Jesus rose on the 3rd day and overcame the grave.  And He promised us that those that believe in him and are his, he has gone before us to prepare a place.  And because I believe in Him, and His words, I know with certainty who you are celebrating with today.

So, Jesus, please hug (or wrestle) Ben for me today.  Tell him, his brothers and his beautiful mamma, that I will honor him today.  The special day that God brought him to us.  So, light the birthday candles and sing Happy Birthday to a little boy that changed my life……

Ben….I made your birthday wreath.  Almost 900 balloons……I will place it at the earthly place that honors you…..

Ben 7 birthday

And lastly, I love you Ben.  To God and back……

Thank you Jesus for all the lizards, frogs, and birds you have placed in my presence this week.  It has warmed my heart with love and memories of a blue eyed sweet boy that one day we will be together forever.