Twentycoats Wreath Creations UPDATE!

cropped-logoAll things are for a season, and the same goes for my wreath business.  John and I are planning to retire and move to College Station some time around 2019.  We are downsizing our footprint in our retirement years and I will no longer have the space to manage all the wreath supplies for a wreath business.  We plan on traveling and seeing this amazing country in our Casita trailer and managing my Etsy store, creating and shipping wreaths is no longer going to be possible.  Therefore, after much prayer, I have decided that I will begin downsizing my wreath business.

I had already started this process by not making Halloween wreaths after last year and sold all my Halloween supplies to another wreath designer.  This February was my last time to make Valentine’s and Mardi Gras.  I also made my last St. Patrick’s Day wreath this year.  This year will be my last to do July 4th wreaths.  I am finishing my last tulip wreath this Easter and have decided that I will no longer make those.  In fact, I just sold all my tulips on a Facebook wreath de-stashing site.  (Yes, they exist and it is a busy page!)  Here’s a picture of the tulips I sold…..over 220 bunches of tulips:


I will however, continue creating wreaths with my existing inventory……which brings me to my next decision.  After I complete my current custom order requests, I unfortunately will no longer take custom requests.   This is probably the hardest decision, because I love creating special wreaths for people and families, but it takes additional time to shop and purchase specific supplies, which are never totally used on a wreath (ribbon, mesh, florals), and so it continues to add to my inventory that I need to reduce.  If I already have the supplies to create a wreath than of course I would love to do that, but I simply have to begin using up my supplies that I have on hand….which John can attest is a large inventory!

Lastly, making wreaths has been the most healing activity during this phase of my life.  I have loved putting a small piece of my daughter and grandsons on doors all across America!  I started Twentycoats Wreath Creations with the original goal of endowing the Elizabeth Anne Herro Dowdy scholarship at Methodist Children’s Home and providing an annual scholarship named after Fischer, Ben and Hayes at Salado High School.  After 3.5 years, those goals have been accomplished.

So what will I make?  I anticipate that I will continue making Summer, Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter wreaths over the next 18-24 months.

So, what does all this mean for Twentycoats?  Well, I already have some things in mind!  I want to start making signs, and I also want Ava to join me in the next Twentycoats adventure and get back into sewing!  So, I’m sure this is not the end.  God will lead me to another area to be creative.  It will just need to be something  that will not take up so much space!

Lastly, to those that bought a Twentycoats Wreath Creation (or several), thank you for your continued support!  If you need additional wreaths over the next 18 months, let’s work to make that happen!



“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” – Ecclesiastes 3:1


Beauty from the mess……

beauty in the messToday I was sweeping the floor after a couple of “wreath making” intense days/nights/mornings and as I swept all the clippings and mess from the last several wreaths into a pile to discard……(I don’t sweep after every wreath, because I will start another one and see that as wasted effort and realize that some of you are horrified at this picture!  LOL!)  All that aside, God laid on my heart something that I wanted to share:

Sometimes I think my life is just like that pile of clippings, mess, and trash on the floor.  But just like my wreath creations, those clippings are part of the process to make a new creation.  God is also shaping me into a new creation (just like my wreaths!).  He continues to weave, glue, cut, measure, all things in my life.  All the beauty, the pain, the grief, the joy, the disappointments to create something precious, special, rare and one of a kind.

I then realized yet once again, that how I (we) look at things can be so skewed, warped and different than how God sees us.  Is it a pile on the floor (my life) or simply something the artist(God) is doing to create a masterpiece?  Is this pile of mess the by product of hard work removing the excess to get to the end result of a beautiful, genuine life (wreath)?  There are days when I start a wreath creation that I am not sure where it will lead how it will come together, and yet it does.  How much more does my heavenly Father who created me knows what I need to become all that he intended.  The scripture says, He is doing a good work in us and will continue until we are called home or until Jesus returns.  (Philippians 1:6).  As I turn 59 next month, I realize he is still doing a good work in me.  Oh let me let him be the potter…….while I am the clay as the good hymn says.

Maybe you feel you are the mess of clippings on the floor…..but fear not!  God is doing a great work in you!  He is creating beauty out of the mess…….and oh what an awesome amazing wonderful creation that will be!