Happy 8th Birthday Fischer!

fischer-boy-shootFischer Phillip Dowdy you turn 8 today. You would be in 2nd grade this year.  Where oh where has the time gone?  You were 3 when you left for heaven.  And you are missed so much here on earth. Your infectious laugh, those piercing blue eyes, that smile, your silliness, and that amazing spirit of yours that would not be quenched.

You taught this Nana so much in the 3 years and 10 months that God blessed our lives with you……I have been forever changed by your death but more importantly I am a different person because of your life.

We will celebrate the day God brought you into our lives by laying your birthday wreath at the place that honors your life.  fischer-8-wreath

Nana will hang her HULK wreath on her door to honor you.  We will eat cupcakes and chew some bubblegum to celebrate those things that you loved.


Lastly, I know you weren’t into hugs and kisses, it usually meant wrestling you to get them, but I hope your mommy gives you lots for us here that love and miss you.  Will you also do me a favor?  Please hug Jesus for me….thank him for his amazing grace through helping us handle you going to heaven…..tell him your Nana loves him.  Hug your momma’s neck for me.  I miss her so.  Wrestle with those brothers of yours and when you have them pinned down hug them for me too.

I love you Fischman……to God and back.

Until we are reunited,