Mother’s Day 2016

Today is one of those bittersweet holidays.  FIMG_0298or some of us we are reminded very poignantly of our children that are no longer physically here with us, or our Mother’s that are no longer here to share in this day.  But here is what I have learned:  Everyday is Mother’s Day and  I want to celebrate everyday like it is Mother’s Day.  So, today I exclaim:  I am blessed and so very thankful.   God let me be a Mom to three amazing daughters.  All three have a heart for God and care of the things He cares about.  And it doesn’t get any better than that!  I am blessed that I live within an hour of two of my daughters, and one lives in the presence of Jesus who floods my heart with his love and grace and also with her love.

Jennifer will graduate next weekend Magna Cum Laude with her bachelor’s in accounting.  It’s been a challenging road these last couple of years but as I remind her most things worth achieving are.  I am proud of her perseverance in achieving this dream.

Lauren and Dan have completed their renovation and are transferring their city life to one of the country.  I look forward to all the stories, memories and experiences that will be made there.  I look forward to seeing these two precious people grow up.  And of course, I anxiously await for the 3rd grandchild in October!


And my youngest blue eyed daughter and those blue eyed grandsons flood my heart with their love and memories.  I look forward to the day we are reunited.  But so proud and honored that I am her Mom.  So honored that God hand picked her for me.  So blessed to be the keeper of her legacy which brings me to the next part of this blog!

Travis Tank

Pictures by Travis Tank


Yesterday, I went to my mail box and received my quarterly Sunshine magazine from the Methodist Children’s Home and on page 10 was a three page article about Elizabeth and her scholarship!  It couldn’t have been better timing!  Mother’s Day!  And so I wanted to share that article.  You will notice in the article that I have recently had the honor of winning an award.  The Methodist Children’s Home submitted Lizz’s story, my wreaths and building an endowment, and I was chosen as the “Philanthropist of the year” for the Coalition of Residential Excellence.  When Trey Oakley from MCH called me to give me the news (I didn’t know they had submitted me), I was truly speechless!  And those that know me, know that doesn’t happen often!  As I read the story, I wept tears of joy, that they honored Elizabeth by telling her story.  They also shared the “Bracelet story” that you can also read.  John and I are now working on an endowment for Fischer, Ben, Hayes Dowdy and our grandson Cohen Diem who also lives with Jesus.  We are excited about building a legacy for these four boys at MCH.

To read the article, please click on this link and go to page 10:


May is a busy month!  We will award the first Elizabeth Anne Herro Dowdy scholarship to a Methodist Children’s Home 2016 graduate and award our 3rd scholarship to a 2016 graduate at Salado High School.  I can’t wait to introduce you to the winners later this month.

In closing,   I’ll share some of the things God has taught me over the last several years during this journey:

  1. Grace:  LIVE it daily with yourself and others
  2. Gratitude:  Practice it and find it in the little things.  It is where joy comes from.
  3. Be present:  Don’t let the craziness of life, take you away from the important things.
  4. Keep the important things the important things:  God and Family.  Everything else is white noise.

Have an amazing day!


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