Clothing Memorial Quilt

I started three memorial clothing projects from Elizabeth’s clothes that started over a year ago.  It began with me searching the internet for a quilting place that did memorial quilts.  I found a place in Austin, TX that advertised on their website that they did memorial quilts.  I called them and they asked me to come in to visit.  They wanted to hear stories about Elizabeth and the boys, wanted to see pictures and get to know them.  They wanted to personally experience my daughter and grandsons and with that I knew I had found the right people to do three projects.  The first project was to do memorial pillows for Elizabeth’s niece Ava, her sisters Jennifer and Lauren and her parents, John, Jeff and Lisa.

The next project was for me and was a lap quilt made from her jeans.


And the third and last project was this quilt that I just received.  I wanted a quilt to top my bed in the guest room.  I had several planning meetings with Chris and Susan.  We went through the clothing and decided which would work best and which ones had the most emotional meaning.  And as someone that has a hard time cleaning out her closet because of the emotional attachment of clothes, this brought back a flood of memories.  But I knew that I wanted to honor Elizabeth, and create something that could be incorporated in my home and not just keep bins of her clothes in storage.  After I made the clothing selection for the pieces, I turned it over to Susan and Chris at Over the Top Quilting.  They knew sunflowers were special and wanted to find an unusual fabric to incorporate.  We also collaborated over Pinterest, sharing photos that we felt would best highlight her clothing.  When I went to pick it up and saw it for the first time, I was overcome with emotion.  This….this… much of Lizz.  They even quilted sunflowers in the quilt!  And I am thrilled with how it turned out!



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Included in this quilt is her Twentycoats shirt from the Bridal Expo we did together, her Alaska pants and shirts from that trip, her red casual jacket, her pajamas from Christmas morning, her Texas shirts, her marathon shirts, the skirt she wore in baby pictures with Ben.  There is her Easter blouse, the bandana from Ben’s “Cars” birthday party, a lace blouse she wore when we took a cooking class together, Salado Eagles tshirts, and even the lining from one of her handbags she loved to carry and on and on it goes.

I made a video of pictures of some of the clothing included in the quilt:

So what’s next?  I plan on taking quilting lessons from Over the Top Quilting!  There are two bins of Elizabeth’s clothing where I want to create another quilt.  I  also have a craft project in mind with her buttons.

To Susan and Chris at Over the Top Quilting, you have been such an amazing blessing to me.  You prayed and cried over this project and I will be forever thankful of the amazing gift you have given me.


6 thoughts on “Clothing Memorial Quilt

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Such a beautiful way to remember your daughter. I saw your quilt when I visited Over the Top – It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

  2. I too recently discovered Chris and Susan. They are making a memorial quilt for me from my son’s military t-shirts. He lost his battle with PTSD after being combat wounded in the Iraq war. Your quilts look amazing and I cannot wait to see mine. I will cherish it forever.

    • Nancy: I am so sorry for your loss. The items that Susan and Chris have made has brought me peace and comfort. They are amazing women doing an great work for those of us that walk this path. Blessings to you…….

  3. How beautiful, Julie. I am so glad we talked yesterday at Nate’s party. I didn’t know about your blog. Sending you love.

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