The Elizabeth Herro Dowdy MCH endowment

John and I just returned from Waco and delivered a check from the Twentycoats wreath sales, and I am thrilled to announce that after 27 months, more than 200 wreaths, and memorial gifts to MCH by others, we have done it!  $25,000!  There is now an endowment named after my youngest, blue eyed daughter……Elizabeth Anne Herro Dowdy!  The Methodist Children’s Home will award the first scholarship in May 2016.

To everyone that purchased a wreath, gave love offerings, thank you.  As I said in a previous post, you all have a part in this story… this legacy.

To my hubby, who has been patient with the endless deliveries of wreath supplies, a garage and house that at times through the year has been overrun by hot glue, glitter and wreaths, words are inadequate to express what your support has meant to me.

To the Methodist Children’s Home family……I am so honored and blessed to have been embraced in your family.   John and I are excited and honored that Elizabeth is part of the MCH story going forward.

Here are some pictures from today:


Writing the check!


Presenting it to Trey Oakley, Vice President for Development


John and I with the amazing staff at Methodist Children’s Home

What’s next?  More wreaths for sure…..and I want to continue to walk through the doors as God opens them.  We have also decided that part of our charitable monthly giving will be to start another scholarship at Methodist Children’s.  This one will be for our grandsons.  I will continue to focus on fundraising for the Fischer, Benjamin and Hayes Dowdy scholarship at Salado High School.

Today was an amazing day.  Testimony to God’s promise to bring beauty from the ashes and his promise of faithfulness.  To him all honor and glory…..

I am the keeper of my daughter’s legacy…..and I hope Jesus shares with a blue eyed, boisterous, joyful spirited daughter who lives with him, what happened here today.



2 thoughts on “The Elizabeth Herro Dowdy MCH endowment

  1. Wow Julie!! Liz is celebrating in heaven today!! I know she would be sooo very proud of the mom, wife, child of God and grandma you have become!! I know I’m sure proud of you and what a testament of God you are sweet lady!! 😘😘😘😘

  2. This is such a great story, Julie! I know you feel like a conqueror, because you are! It’s such a joy to see others doing fabulous things because of God’s goodness, especially when it’s turning ashes into beauty!!! I’m proud of you :-)))

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