Update: Random Acts of Kindness…..

LizzrandomfrontI wanted to provide an update to some of the “Random Acts of Kindness” cards that were sent out prior to the July 30, 2015 anniversary to honor Elizabeth, Fischer, Ben and Hayes and how even as we close 2015, some of the great stories that are still being shared with me.  These two stories in particular, I wanted to share during this Christmas season.

First, I have a friend who was a co-worker for many years.  She shared with me that she has done a special activity for the last 5 years and wrote me and told me that this year, she would like to honor Elizabeth, Fischer, Ben and Hayes this Christmas. She sponsored 4 girls and 4 boys through the Angel Tree (Salvation Army) in Charleston, WV.  Below is her story:

“We spent 2 hours shopping making sure each child got the clothes they needed and a toy for Christmas. According to the locals these are the ”forgotten children” and the most needy in the area. Needless to say I come out with a full basket, each individually sacked with their wishes & card inside for wrapping. When I ask the clerk to do the single sacking and she sees what I am doing it always ends in tears and then smiles. They always ask why I am doing it and all I can say is that Christmas is about giving and it just feels good. I have to say it is contagious, as I read the cards and carefully pick out gifts and start filling my basket people always ask what I am doing and have asked for cards themselves! This is my favorite Christmas shopping experience every year and is why I keep doing it.  It was such a lovely experience, and although it was not my usual charity group I donate for the holidays, it had a special meaning for me this year. I wanted to honor your daughter and grandchildren since they are no longer with us by helping others who are. I have been working with the state of WV for 3 years now and feel it is a nice way to give back to their community. ”

Then yesterday, I went to the mail box which had a Christmas card.  Inside the card was this note:

“Thank you for granting me the great privilege of participating in honoring the memory of your beautiful daughter and grand children.  I have learned so much and it gave me such a good feeling to give back.  What a great message that I’m sure could change the world!

So with one card left (a Lizz card), I give it to you.  Your strength and grace has been such an inspiration to me.  I send this gift as an “Act of Kindness” to you.  Keep up the good work!”

Attached to the Random Acts of Kindness Lizz card was a check with a sizeable donation to Methodist Children’s Home in honor of Elizabeth!  Needless to say tears of joy streamed down my face to know the impact of Lizz and the boys still have today.  They live on in our hearts and we honor their lives by spreading joy and kindness to others everyday.

In closing, I want to thank everyone that participated and made a difference in someone’s life and honored an amazing blue eyed daughter and three boys.  I hope generosity, gratitude, joy and blessings were experienced by all!  Never doubt what a random act of kindness can do!

I hope you and yours enjoy this amazing time of the year when God came into the world!  Emmanuel……God with us.




3 thoughts on “Update: Random Acts of Kindness…..

  1. I never walk into our kitchen that I don’t think of Elizabeth and the boys. Others often stop and look at the picture. Hailey Bexley was her last week for Thanksgiving, when she walked by she picked it up and all she could say was Ahh. They continue to touch lives everyday in some way or another. Thanks for sharing her story.

    Brenda Gary Lane Yorktown, Texas


  2. If you have some cards left please send me three of each. The last ones were given out as far away as Tn. Thanks,

    Brenda Gary Lane


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