Memorial quilt

As some of you will recall from a previous post, I had memorial pillows made for Elizabeth’s sisters Jennifer and Lauren, her niece Ava, John and Jeff/Lisa.  I picked out clothing that Elizabeth had worn in pictures that signified a memory they had with her.  I also included a digital embroidery of her signature.    You can read more on the pillows on the blog post titled:  Memorial Pillows.

What you didn’t know is that there are three phases on this clothing project.  The first phase was to create the memorial pillows.  The second phase was to have Over the top quilting in Austin, TX create a small crazy quilt for me out of Elizabeth’s jeans.  It is now complete and I absolutely love it!  They did an amazing job!  They also incorporated a beautiful sunflower print.

Here is the picture:

image1.JPGThis makes my heart jump!  I love the tactile nature of it and the sunflowers!  And I love the thought of having a part of her with me to touch…..even if it is just a jeans pocket.

Lastly, I have one more final quilt coming.  This quilt will feature her clothes that I hand picked.  I also have a project planned with her buttons.

I love the thought of taking our loved ones clothes and re-purposing them into something that can be used in a practical way, bringing them into our homes and our lives, and yet honor their memory.  And isn’t that what quilting is all about?  Small pieces of our heart and memory put together to tell an amazing story.

Phase 3?  Coming soon!