Fischer turns 7……

Oh Fischer Phillip…..our first grandson… turn 7 today.  Your blue eyes, your infectious spirit, your joy in the small things… lizards, frogs, fish, and any stick within reach.  So blessed because you helped me see and experience the world through the eyes of how God created little boys.  You made my youngest daughter a Mommy for the first time.  And because of that, you had half of her heart.

I loved how you ran. Head down, arms swinging.  That image still makes me smile.

Fischer running bases Sandlot

I loved how you were eating everything green because you wanted to be like the HULK.

Hulk Fischer

Thank you Fischer for showing me what God created little boys to be.

So today, I will lay your birthday wreath at the earthly place that honors you……


I will also hang a wreath on my door …….


You were with us here this side of heaven for 3 years and 10 months.  Not long by many, but in that short time what amazing lessons in life you gave me.  You would fly (jump) from couch to chair to coffee table to floor to start the exercise all over again, again, and again.  When I mentioned it to your mom, because I was horrified you were going to get hurt, her reply was:  “Mom!  There is no stopping a little boy with a cape!”  And that action and your mom’s response has been a life lesson for me.  There is no stopping when you have a cape!

So on this day, I celebrate what you taught me in those three short years:

  1. Look for the wonder in God’s amazing creation….always.
  2. Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more.  It is good for the heart and the soul.
  3. Find joy in everything
  4. Be a super hero to someone.
  5. And in the words of Jerry Jeff Walker, “Spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape.”   Thank you Fischer for teaching me how to do that.

To celebrate your life, here is your birthday video, music by Jerry Jeff, “The Cape”:

I love you Fischman…….hug and kiss your momma and wrestle those brothers for me.


One thought on “Fischer turns 7……

  1. Thanks for sharing. So sweet. So missed. I feel sure our Brandon Ray Church is playing with your boys until he is united once again with his children.
    Brenda Lane

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