Random Acts of Kindness……

I recently attended a breakout session at the Compassionate Friends conference in Dallas this past weekend that got me thinking…….

As we approach the 3rd anniversary of Elizabeth and the boys heavenly arrival, I wanted to do something to celebrate and honor Elizabeth, Fischer, Ben and Hayes’ lives and how much they have impacted me and their friends and family.

Here is my idea……first Elizabeth would love this idea and secondly the boys would have had fun doing this!

I’m hoping hundreds will join me and go about doing random acts of kindness particularly on Thursday, July 30th.  I have created business cards that I will mail to people that want to participate.  I have had 2500 cards printed!  Could 2500 acts OR MORE of kindness in memory of my daughter and grandsons happen?  I believe so.  My idea is that you will do a random act of kindness for a stranger to honor and celebrate the life of my daughter and grandsons and leave them with a card.

This act can be something like buying a coffee or meal for the person behind you in the drive through, helping someone with their luggage, groceries, sending a card, tipping someone extravagantly,  buying a soldier his dinner, etc.  The sky is the limit!  Make it interesting and look for those opportunities when you could see Elizabeth reaching out.

As we approach the 3rd anniversary of their earthly departure, let’s light up the world with all the joy and kindness possible!

Who’s with me?  Let’s let our lights (and Elizabeth’s and the boys) make a difference.  It truly does start with one.

If you want to participate, please send me a comment on this blog, or contact me through Facebook (In honor of Elizabeth Anne Herro Dowdy) and I will drop some in the mail to you!

Below are the cards.  I made separate ones for Elizabeth and each of the boys.  I thought it might be a great way for children who knew the boys to participate.

Here are the cards (front and back) I will mail to you if you participate:

Lizzrandomfront Lizzrandomback Benrandomfront Benrandomback Fischerrandomfront Fischerrandomback Hayesrandomfront Hayesrandomback

I hope you join me in making a difference in someone’s life and praying all 2500 cards are requested and distributed!  It’s time to be the love in the world and it starts with taking a step.

Please write me and tell me the story of your random acts of kindness……I will share them on a future blog posting.


10 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness……

  1. Hi – This is a wonderful idea! I first learned about the Dowdy family through my son, Travis Pawlik. He and Sam have worked together in the past in the Austin area. Travis had been at Sam’s house shortly before that day in July and shared his prayer request with our family. I have been following this family’s journey through and beyond this heart-wrenching event and have been so inspired by your family’s strength & faith. I would love to receive 4 cards – one of each to spread the joy on that day especially.

  2. I think this is a awesome. We lost Brandon Ray Church on Dec. 30, 2014
    It has devastated his family. car crash leaving his wife, daughter, son and a unborn daughter. I feel sure you know his story. I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning and you have helped me. Your loss was a loss that impacted everyone far and wide.
    My daughter found comfort in compiling a cookbook in his honor. It is being proofed now and will go on sale the end of next month. Proceeds will help with his headstone. I would be honored if you would send me two cards of each. I love what your doing in memory of Elizabeth and the boys.

    • Brenda: My heart broke for your family that is now walking this path. Please know that you never walk alone. Thank you for your kind words. God’s grace is sufficient. Regarding the cookbook, Tony Church reached out to me to submit two recipes in memory of Lizz and the boys! I can’t wait to purchase mine! Thank you for honoring my baby girl and my grandsons and spread some love! Julie

  3. This is an amazing idea. I would love to hand out a few cards in their honor. I want to see someone’s face light up with a big smile just like Liz always had! ((Hugs))

  4. Hey you know I’m in! We love y’all miss you in Georgetown. Pittmans is lucky to have y’all. Your amazing. Send some to the Pittmans cleaners in Georgetown.

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