The 2015 Fischer, Benjamin and Hayes Dowdy Memorial Scholarship

Salado emblemI always enjoy this time of year.  It’s when our grandson’s scholarship is awarded to a Salado HS Senior.   This year was of God’s making because this year, the student and the family knew Fischer, Ben and Elizabeth.  And so tonight was another example of how God blesses and fulfills his promises.  As it says in Isaiah 61:3:  “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.”  

This was a night to celebrate the beauty from the ashes.

This years winner would babysit Fischer and Ben.  I remember Lizz telling me how much the boys loved her!  Additionally, her mom works at the Mother’s Day Out where Fischer attended.  The recipient would tell me afterwards that she applied for 14 scholarships, has not received any to date and really only cared about getting one…….this one…..named in memory of the boys…….oh my…..melt my heart.  Here is a young woman that already had the desire to carry a piece of my daughter and grandsons into her next phase of her life.

Here is what she wrote about the boys that she included in her application:

“Though I would be extremely grateful to receive any scholarship, I wanted to note that I hold the Fischer, Benjamin, and Hayes Dowdy Memorial Scholarship very close to my heart. The summer they passed away I had the privilege of babysitting/watching Ben and Fischer every Tuesday and Thurday at Mothers Day Out. They touched and impacted my life in a remarkable way. They constantly had a smile on their face and truly were a privilege to watch and a huge blessing to my life. I think about and miss them often but I know I will get to see them one day in Heaven. For me this scholarship isn’t about the money at all. It is about the legacy. It would be an honor to be a part of their legacy. I want to thank you for carrying it on.”

So, I am so proud, honored and blessed that the recipient of the 2015 Fischer, Benjamin and Hayes Dowdy scholarship was awarded to Shelby Tepera!  She will be attending Blinn College in the fall and will attend Texas A&M to pursue a degree in journalism.  With her go my prayers and blessings.  In some small monetary way the memory and spirit of two little boys and a blue eyed mom will go with her.  I often say that as a mom/nana I feel very strongly about being the “keeper of their legacies”.  It is clear that Shelby has joined me arm and arm to help me carry that forward.  And for that Shelby, I will be forever indebted to you.

Go take on the world Shelby!  I will pray for you and encourage you as you blaze a new trail.  You have a heart for God and I can’t wait to see where he is going to lead you!

Lastly, only God knew how all these small acts would come together and how he would use them for good and his purpose.  AMEN!  AMEN!  My heart was blessed to hear from people I had never met tell me Fischer, Ben and Elizabeth stories that I hadn’t heard before……how Lizz forgot to bring spill proof cups for Mother’s Day Out and would exclaim as liquid spills everywhere “that’s how we roll”.  I can just hear her!

So please meet Shelby Tepera!  The 2015 recipient of the Fischer, Benjamin and Hayes Dowdy Memorial Scholarship!

2015 Scholarship


Shelby Tepera, 2015 Fischer, Benjamin and Hayes Dowdy Memorial Scholarship Recipient


Mr. and Mrs. Tepera, Shelby and I after the ceremony

And tonight, this Nana’s heart is full…..full of God’s promises seen and unseen and a blue eyed, blond hair young woman who is ready to blaze a trail.