Kindness of Strangers

Live Big

Elizabeth doing her artistry at a wedding with her bracelet.

Recently, I was trying to find some additional “Live Big” and “Give Big” bracelets that Elizabeth had gotten at the Armadillo Bazaar in Austin one year for Christmas as a gift for me and a bracelet for herself.  I wanted to give them to others that were doing things that honored my daughter (i.e. MCH prom) as a small token of my appreciation.


Elizabeth’s bracelet (front): Live BIG


Elizabeth’s bracelet (back): before I go….


My bracelet (front): give BIG


My bracelet (back): before I go….

I was able to track down who made the bracelets and her website.  I sent her an email and received a response that she would need to follow up with me due to her involvement in a large project.  When I didn’t receive a follow up several months later, I went back to the website which was no longer operating.  I sent another email and no response.  So I went to Google and found out that she had unexpectedly passed away.  Knowing that these bracelets were now a one of a kind I began to look for businesses that carried her jewelry to see if there were by chance any remaining inventory.

That search brought me to these amazing people!  They are located in Weston, MO!  I contacted them through Facebook and they didn’t have the same bracelets, but they did have similar coordinating jewelry by the same artist.  I decided to purchase them; however, these amazing ladies insisted that I put the money in Elizabeth’s scholarship fund!  She then wanted to share Elizabeth’s story with her customers, requested Twentycoats business cards and sent me these pieces.

So, if you are near Weston, MO (15 min NW of KC), I hope you go visit Cactus Creek!  I know I plan to!  If you go, ask for Fancy and introduce yourself.  By the looks of their website:, seems like an awesome store!

Here are the amazing pieces they sent to me:


Bracelet (front) – Love Big, Live Big, Give Big and Dream Big


Bracelet (back)

10877755_10152648093028227_1988756171_n (1)

Necklace (front) – Live BIG


Necklace (back)

I love that the bracelets send two more important reminders besides the ones that Elizabeth left me with “Live BIG” and “Give BIG” but also to “Love BIG” and to “Dream BIG”.

To the family that experienced great loss for the amazing lady that created this jewelry line, my heart goes out to you.  But I hope you know that her love for the design of jewelry made a huge difference to me and continues to this day with these pieces.  When I first wrote about Elizabeth and my bracelets, some people found my blog because they were also searching for these bracelets.  They were cancer survivors and the message to LIVE BIG was their goal.

Lastly, here’s hoping to BIG living! And I am so blessed that God is faithful and continues to bring beauty from the ashes.

Until next time,