Hayes turns 2…..

IMG_0502Baby Hayes –

You have turned TWO in heaven.  I am not sure when your earthly birthday was to be.  The “official” date from your Momma’s doctor when you were going to enter this world was 1/3/2013.  In the previous two years, I had laid a wreath on January 1st to cover that time frame in early January that you would have entered our world.  This year, I laid your wreath today.

Sweet little man Hayes………I wonder about you.  What would you look like?  Would you resemble your brothers?  What would your mannerisms, your personality, your likes/dislikes be?  I am sure you would be like your older two brothers and would have loved the “super heroes”.  But then I remember that you are in the presence of the biggest Super Hero of all!

Hayes……this Nana is not going to deny that I miss you here in this life.  You are proof to me that you can love deeply without ever having laid eyes on you, held you, heard you cry, seen you smile or call me “Nana”.  I rest in the hope that we will spend eternity together and for that I am grateful and look forward to “that day”.

So, I went to visit the physical place today that stands as the testament to your expected life, I placed your birthday wreath and said a prayer.

I prayed for Jesus to hug and kiss you for me.  I asked him to wrestle Fischer and Ben and wrap his arms of glory around all of you…..and to your sweet momma……my baby girl……..I asked Him to give her an embrace until He returns or I am called home and join you all one day.

I’m sure if I know your Mom, she had the most awesome party for you planned!

As I was leaving at the end of this gorgeous winter Texas day, there was this beautiful sunset sent from our amazing Creator that flooded my heart.


I bought you a book in memory of this day……and I’m going to give to your cousin Ava to read to her baby brother, your 1st cousin Eli!


I love you……to the moon and back!