Fischer turns 6……

37744_426473882736_2776045_nToday Fischer you turn six.  An age where you would be in kindergarten and could have started playing baseball with your little friends.  It’s hard to believe you have celebrated 3 birthdays in heaven since you left us.  So how will I honor you on this day?

As has been my custom, I have run birthday memorial ads in the Salado Village Voice and the Lexington Leader.

FischerPhillipDowdy (1)

I will visit the earthly place that bears a testament to your life.  I will lay your birthday wreath.


Fischer’s 6th birthday balloon wreath for the cemetery.

I will spend some time remembering your joy, and your amazing spirit.  I will eat lots of green veggies and fruit today because you thought if you ate enough green food you would turn into the HULK!  I will enjoy green grapes which was one of your faves and eat them from the cluster of grapes.  You always were insistent to pull them from the stems!  I made a wreath for my front door to honor your fascination with the HULK:


Diem front door to honor and celebrate this day!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of you:


Fischer and his amazing mom on 10/1/2008

Fischer and Lizard3 09182010

Fischer and his amazement with a lizard


Oh your joy and that laugh……

Fischer frog 10162010

You were so careful with the little creatures….here you are with a frog


Running the bases like in the movie “The Sandlot”

You loved lizards and frogs, and you loved the movie “The Sandlot”.  You loved running the bases, swinging a bat and throwing a ball.

I’m sure your momma has an amazing party planned for you.  She always had the best parties for you and your brother.  I can only imagine the guest list!  I miss you so much Fischman.  We all do.  Even though we were blessed to have you with us for only 1,397 days…..I am so thankful for that time you were part of our lives this side of heaven.  I also know you will be there with your brothers and your mom to welcome me when I am called home.

I close with your birthday video.  The song I chose is by Mark Harris, “When We’re Together”.  It was featured in the movie Courageous.

Love you Fischman……Forever.

Forever in my heart

Forever in my thoughts

Forever with me



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