IMG_2083After six months of re-branding and a new Facebook page I am so excited to announce that the website http://www.twentycoats.com is finally ready!  As you will see, I have re-purposed Elizabeth’s Twentycoats logo, utilized sunflowers (her fave!), and the  blue skies always asking me to look toward the heavens.

The site is complete with an ordering capability that provides order and shipping confirmation emails, allows me to track the orders more effectively, and has the capability to let you “pin” to your Pinterest board!  There is also a quick link on http://www.twentycoats.com to this blog site!  You will also find a cross reference link to the Twentycoats website on the menu at the top of this blog site.

I’m still loading more wreath pictures and adding individual descriptions, but couldn’t wait to roll it out!

I hope you take a peak and someday consider ordering a wreath to be a part of building scholarships for Elizabeth and the boys and watch beauty rise from the ashes!




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