Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s and I thought I would reshare Jennifer’s Valentine’s message from last year about our Valentine’s we received from Elizabeth, Fischer and Ben.

Please read on…..


Elizabeth Anne Herro Dowdy

Valentines Today’s blog is authored by my oldest daughter and Lizz’s big sister…… Jennifer Herro .  I have attached a picture of the Valentine’s gift that Fischer and Ben hand-delivered to my house last year.  Even though my treat bag is somewhat different than Jennifer’s, I hope you enjoy it all the same! Lastly, thanks Jen for sharing your Valentine memory! – Julie

Valentine’s Day is upon us!  Cards and chocolate fill the aisles at the grocery store, and flower shops are taking orders.  I can’t help but think about one of the sweetest Valentine’s Day gifts I’ve ever received…and it wasn’t from a man.  It came in the bodies of two sweet little boys.

As most of you know, I work for a bank and attend college.  Sometimes my classes are in the middle of the workday.  Last year, I came back from class on Valentine’s Day only to find a small…

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