Thoughts from Elizabeth’s Father this holiday season……

Scan_Pic0095Today’s post is from Elizabeth’s father, Jeff Herro.  He posted this on Facebook December, 7, 2013.  His thoughts so poignant, I thought it needed to be on her blog.  Welcome Jeff to the blog!

Jeff:  In honor of those memories of our youngest daughter, I am re-attaching her birthday video.

Blessings to you and Lisa this season……



I have been out of the country for a time and am now back on US soil. As is often the case, sleep patterns are fooled for a while and the long flights give time for endless reflections and solitude.  As I laid in the darkness tonight, and is often the case, I see my little girl, ‘lil bit….I hear her voice, I see her smile…I see her barrel through the front door with kids in tow and yell out “hi pops. ” It is strange,  I have such a bad memory nowadays, but can see her so clearly at every age, from little girl to kiddo I taught to ski with her friends to teen to bride and to mommy. We named her Elizabeth.  I loved that name for no particular reason.  Just thought it was a great name. I wondered if people out there know the origin of the name? Well if you look it up it is like many names biblical in origin. It comes from the Hebrew word Elisheba….meaning “The oath or fullness of God”.
I know with certainty of her belief in God and today,,,,this day,,,,this night – in the darkness that I lie in, I know that she must continue on in a grander place for which her name does justice — living again within the oath or fullness of God.
My ability to see her and feel her so clearly , I like to think is proof of that. This may not seem like much to some, but for a guy that can’t remember where I set my keys down an hour ago or  where my billfold is—–it is a very big deal.
For me, clarity of her memory is what I cling to and I am so thankful that as time marches on , that clarity not only remains but sharpens with each passing moment of darkness in which I remain trapped here without her.
My hope for all that have lost loved ones is that they too are given the gift of clarity in memory that I have been given and that it continues to sharpen till we meet again in “the fullness of God”.
My best to all this holiday season.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts from Elizabeth’s Father this holiday season……

  1. Jeff….that is absolutely beautiful and Julie… thank you for sharing. I still her sitting on the steps of Holy Family Catholic Church in her pretty Easter dress and ready for pictures. Blessings to you all!

    • Jeff, I have never met you but I went to school with Julie and I wanted you to know that your post is very meaningful to me. Your thoughts are very powerful coming from a Father’s heart. I lost my daughter Courtney on May 27, 2011 to a drunk driver and she (driver) left the scene of the crime and my daughter was not discovered until early the next morning. We went through a trial that left us so very scarred. I have two other children that adored their big sister for so many reasons. She was 30 years old and gave everything she had of herself to animals and children. She was so admired as was Elizabeth and they are now in heaven together. That is a comfort to me…Courtney was very much like Elizabeth in respect to leaving Austin a much better place and is now is the most wonderful place that exists….Heaven. I understand about the quiet dark nights and all of the memories flooding in. It is sometimes so painful that I stay awake all night waiting for the morning sun. It is so important to keep this blog very much alive. It is important to us and to Julie and Elizabeth. I understand the memory loss too…but my memories of Courtney are forever printed in my mind. Blessings to you this very difficult Christmas season and love in Christ. Very sincerely, Laurie Leach Griffin

      • Thank you Laurie,
        I rarely speak of how I feel, instead quietly watching the days-nights-hours and minutes march on in solitude of memories. Your comments about the long nights is well understood and the feelings of emptiness seem to take advantage of the darkness. My heart goes out to your family and others who have walked a similar path. I hope that though holidays seem hollow without those we love at our side, we both can find some peace knowing that this holiday marks the birth of hope for a reunion like no other. It is that hope, that belief , that puts air back in my lungs, strength in my legs and provides purpose to carry …
        May you , your family and your friends have a blessed Christmas and continue to feel the presence of those we love until we meet again.

  2. Love this Jeff and so glad to hear from you on the blog!! May this Christmas bring you more joy,happiness and love!!! Thank you for the great reminder!

    • Jeff, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness…I too look forward to our reunion with our family that we miss so terribly. I hang on to that every day and honestly don’t know if I would still be here if it weren’t for my deep faith which deepens every single day. Thank you for the holiday wishes and I wish you and your family the very same. I hope to see you here again. Gratefully, Laurie Leach Griffin

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