Today is Fischer’s 5th Birthday……

Fischer and me

Fischer and me

So, today is Fischer’s birthday….his second birthday that he will celebrate in heaven.  It’s interesting how we bereaved mark the passing of time by the events that occurred on “that day”.  So, today I want to remember Fischer, honor his precious life and how much love and joy was jam packed in those 3 and 3/4 years that he was here with us.

Fischer, I can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday.  You developed breathing problems and you were never aware of the fact that you got to ride in a helicopter shortly after you were born!  They transported you from Round Rock to Temple.  You also cried a lot for the first six months………colic was always very present those first several months.  I remember Elizabeth calling me when John and I were in Washington, DC and she was in tears.  She felt so inadequate because she couldn’t get Fischer to stop crying.  I remember her asking me:  “Mom, am I bad Mom that I just put him in his crib?  I didn’t know what else to do!  Nothing I was doing was helping!”.  As a young 21 year old Mom a constant infant crying with colic can be so stressful.    When Fischer started to crawl it wasn’t in the “traditional” sense of what you think about when babies crawl.  Fischer’s crawling was sitting up with one leg tucked in under him and lifting himself up with his arms and “scooting”.  He became very proficient at this and was very quick!  I remember his leg would become badly chaffed from the constant dragging of his leg that Elizabeth would need to keep long pants on him in the summertime!  Fischer was also a climber!  He loved to climb on everything!  This would soon give way to jumping from couch to couch, couch to coffee table, couch to floor with superman cape!

Fischer would also become very close to his cousin Ava.  Fischer pronounced her name when he was younger with a short vowel ‘a’……like Ave Maria.  He adored his Ava.  He always said he wanted to marry Ava.  And he adored Ava’s mommy, my middle daughter Lauren.  Lauren was Lolly to the boys.  I remember, I was going to brave taking all three grandkids to the movies (yes at the same time!) and I was meeting Lauren (aka Lolly) at the Chick- Fil- A to pick up Ava.  When we turned into the parking lot, Fischer started hollering:  Nana!  That’s Lolly!  That’s her car!  Nana!  LOLLY!

Fischer didn’t give out hugs and affection often…..that just wasn’t his style.    He was the type you had to wrestle to get a hug.  But when you did get a Fischer hug it was so very special. There was this excitement of life to Fischer.   The last Christmas that they were with us, John and I loaded up the car with all three grandkids and went to Burnet for the Bethlehem re-enactment they have there every year.  Fischer LOVED the Roman soldiers and wanted to follow them around.  Ava didn’t like it at all and just wanted to go home…..and Ben chose to take it all in by sitting on John’s shoulders.  Fischer ended up going back 3 times for cookies and hot chocolate.  You see, as only a blue eyed little boy could do, he had charmed the nice ladies at the concession stand in a 30 second interaction.  He was quite proud of his achievement!  Grinning from ear to ear.

Fischer, I can’t help but think you would have been disappointed to find out that you couldn’t start kindergarten this year since your birthday is past 9/1.  I’m sure that rule would have made no sense to you.  You would have seen your other friends from your Mother’s Day Out program start school.   You would have also loved all the superhero movies that came out this past year the Superman movie, IronMan 3 and would be looking forward to the new Thor movie coming in November……but then I remember that you are in heaven!  You get to see all kind of heroes everyday!  Joshua, Caleb, Gideon, and of course the hero that saved the world……..Jesus!

Fischer I miss you so……we all do…….so, Jesus, please sing Happy Birthday and hug him for us today.  Please kiss Ben and baby Hayes.  And hug my daughter Elizabeth and tell them all we love and miss them and we hold tightly to the promise of an eternity together.  If I know my daughter, she is planning a birthday party like no other!  She loved planning your birthday parties!

So Fischer, today I will lay a birthday wreath that I made for you to honor your birthday.


I also placed a memorial in the Salado and Lexington papers…….

5th anniversary ad

I also updated your birthday video for today to remember your eyes of blue, that amazing spirit and that awesome smile……..

I love you Fischer….and you live in my heart…….along with my Lord, my daughter, Ben and Hayes.


10 thoughts on “Today is Fischer’s 5th Birthday……

  1. praying for you and ur family. thank you for letting us see into your life and memories of fischer. so love reading these stories!

  2. what a beautiful tribute for a beautiful boy! You know Lizz is having a grand party for him with the greatest super heros of all time!!!

  3. That is so beautiful Julie. I have no doubt they are all watching over you and smiling at each post and the beautiful wreaths.

  4. Julie – I just saw the video and had a good cry. You always do such a wonderful job honoring our loved ones! Beautiful! THANK YOU!!!

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