Meet Elizabeth Anne Gould and hear her Mom’s testimony!

Katie and IzzyToday’s blog post is from my niece, Elizabeth’s cousin, Katie Warren Gould.  I remember the day Katie asked me if it was ok if they named their little girl that they were expecting after my daughter Elizabeth.  And so, out of the ashes, comes a new life, a beautiful baby girl, named Elizabeth Anne Gould!  I told Katie it was a wonderful legacy and honor to our family and daughter and how incredibly touched and blessed I was.  Katie explained there was only one Lizz, and so, they would not call her Lizz, but would call her Izzy.

Thanks Katie for sharing your story!  I like to think when Elizabeth went to heaven, she was an intercessor before the throne on your and Chris’ behalf.  I look forward to Izzy growing up in truth and grace and becoming an amazing Proverbs 31 woman of God!

So, please welcome Katie to the blog and read her amazing testimony about her and Chris’ blessing!

I love you!

Aunt Julie (Great Aunt Julie)


I am writing this as I nurse my beautiful 11 week old daughter; staring in awe of God’s creation, this miracle that not but one year ago I had given up on.
Several years ago, my husband Chris and I began trying to conceive a child.  Month after month we experienced one disappointment after the other. Lizz and I
didn’t talk as much as I wish we had, but I remember calling her out of the blue one day. We talked about maybe meeting up at the Woodlands for a race, about
motherhood for her, and she asked if there were any plans on a little Gould in  the near future. I explained that we had been trying but that we were having some difficulty. After a few tears were shed on my behalf Lizz said to me, “Just  keep trying and praying. It’ll happen.” I thought, “How was she so sure?” She was so confident in her statement. I know now it was her faith that made her  that way. She knew that God answers our prayers. She also knew that it may take some waiting. So, wait I did.

By July of 2012 Chris and I had already been seeing a fertility specialist, and  at that point had determined that IUI was the necessary path of treatment, but had not begun the process yet. On July 30, 2012 I got up and went to work like any other day. I answered phone calls in the routine manner, until that phone call from my mom came in. I could hear something in her voice that told me, “Sit down or else this news will bring you crumbling to the ground.” When she told me of the accident and of our families’ horrific loss, I lost my breath. There was so much loss, so many people’s lives would never be the same, and how could I think of having a baby right now? What gave me the right to gain so much in a time where so much was lost? Driving home from the funeral, Chris and I talked about what kind of parents we wanted to be and what we would want for our children. The way Lizz and Sam raised up their family was beautiful and inspiring. I can honestly say, that celebration of their lives changed us in a way only God could have done. On the drive home we looked at each other and said if we ever got pregnant and have a girl, we wanted to name her after Lizz. On September 12, 2012, I came home from work early feeling ill. Chris happened to be home for lunch and demanded I take a pregnancy test. I was less than eager to do so though, as I expected another disappointment. When Chris checked it, to my amazement, it said “pregnant!” The Doctor confirmed it. I was about 3 and a half weeks pregnant, meaning conception occurred somewhere right around my birthday which is August 18th!  Approximately 16 days after Lizz and the boys homegoing service!   What a birthday present!

Izzy feetOn May 15th, 2013, at exactly 3pm, Elizabeth Anne was born. I can’t help but think Lizz had her hand in my little miracle that day. I pray that we raise her up to have a heart for God just as her cousin Lizz did.Izzy portrait

Lizz, I love you and miss you. Watch over us and help guide us in our spiritual journey as a family.

And praise God for my Elizabeth Anne. Let her be the wonderful woman of God I know you’ve created her to be.

Katie Gould

3 thoughts on “Meet Elizabeth Anne Gould and hear her Mom’s testimony!

  1. I am so excited about your precious bundle of joy, Elizabeth Anne. I believe as you do that little darling was an answer to prayer and that Lizz did take it to Jesus and another miracle was created. Congratulations to you and your husband on having a healthy baby and one that is very special to all of her family. Your story touched my heart very profoundly and will continue to. Praise the Lord and love for Lizz and Izzy will grow up in a wonderful God loving home.

  2. What an amazing testimony Katie!! I am with you and firmly believe that liz played a hand in your little izzys conception!! So excited for you and Chris!!! You will hands down be amazing parents!’

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