Testimony by Jennifer Brown

I didn’t know Jennifer Brown before July 30th.  I have been blessed by many people that have become a part of my life after the accident and Jennifer is one of those blessings.  Jennifer shared with me how that day changed her life in a profound way.  I reached out to Jennifer to write her story to share on the blog as we remembered the 1 year anniversary of Lizz and the boys home going.  I hope you are blessed as I was!  Jennifer was my affirmation, that if you ever wonder how “living out your faith” makes a difference to others and is a witness to the glory of God, then you need to read on!

Jennifer does a daily devotional on Facebook that I highly recommend.  Please “friend” Jennifer or message her if you would like to begin receiving that devotional.

And to Jennifer, may God continue to bless you and give you a heart to reach other’s for Christ!



Jennifer BrownMy life changed forever in January 2012.  I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid
Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Celiac’s Disease two years before, and my daily
life was filled with physical pain from beginning to end.  When I thought things
couldn’t get any worse health wise, a severe RA flare compromised the
circulation to my feet and ultimately resulted in permanent nerve and vascular
damage, and the onset of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a disease that
brought pain the likes of which I never knew existed.

I was no longer able to teach, which I loved, and was medically separated from
my job.  My life was constant pain:  frustration because I felt I had lost
control of my body and my life in general, depression because of the
considerable toll chronic and severe pain takes on your life and the people you
love, and hopelessness because my independence had been the driving force behind
being a single parent, working full-time, and earning a bachelor’s degree.  I
was always able to do anything I set my mind to, all I had to do was push
myself, only now, my body had given out and could no longer be pushed.  I didn’t
know how to not be the me I had always been, and I was at the lowest point in my

I had been raised in a Christian home, and had always considered myself a
Christian, even though I didn’t always live by the word.  I never put my trust
in Jesus because I always relied on myself to get things done.  I didn’t
question what God’s will for me was, instead I made my plans and prayed for God
to co-sign them!  My life was suffocating me with stress, anxiety, anger, and
resentment, and the thoughts that constantly raced through my mind kept me
restless and awake each night as I plotted and planned solutions to what I
thought were my biggest problems.  I didn’t know peace.   Now that I could no
longer count on myself to do everything, I was completely lost and at my most

In that tender state, I read about the tragic accident that took the lives of
Elizabeth, Benjamin, Fischer, and baby Hayes, who hadn’t yet been born, but was
already so loved!  I didn’t know Liz personally, or her husband Sam and their
beautiful boys, but as I read more and more and learned of the friends and
family that were devastated by this horrific accident, I wondered how I didn’t
know them because we knew all the same people! It was one of those stories that
breaks your heart to read, but you can’t stop reading.

Through the modern wonder of Facebook, I could see how close Liz was with her
family, how her beauty just leapt off the screen and imprinted itself on my
heart, her laughter, and her incredible love for absolutely everyone in her
life.  I saw, through tears streaming down my face, the new nursery for Hayes,
lovingly decorated by parents who couldn’t wait to hold him in their arms
because they already loved him.  I saw the big beautiful eyes of Benji and
Fischer and their sweet smiles as they had fun on vacations, at Christmas, and
just everyday fun with their extended family, and my tears wouldn’t stop.  I had
never hurt so much for people I didn’t know, and I couldn’t stop thinking about
how unimaginable it would be for my entire family to be taken from me.  As I
would cry and look at the faces of Liz and her two little angels, I felt such
deep sadness and grief that I wondered how could their family go on.  How could
they move forward, or even want to, after such a devastating loss?

Then, in the midst of such loss and heart-breaking grief, their faith began to
shine through! I read comment after comment expressing grief, but tempered with
a strong and abiding love for The Lord, and absolute trust in His plan, and the
reunion in heaven they were certain of!  I was amazed and truly uplifted, and
for the first time in my life, I wanted to know that incredible peace that
seemed to surround and permeate them, evident in their inspirational messages I
read each day.  I was hungry for that kind of relationship with The Lord, and I
had no doubt in my mind that Jesus was real.  I wanted their confidence in
salvation, not only for myself but my family and friends as well.

Over the next few months I began to read my bible, and that was something I had
always hated, but now have grown to love! Through the words of Liz’s family,
Christians facing so much loss and incomprehensible grief, I was saved.  Their
unshakeable faith and willingness to share that faith and love with the world,
brought me back into the loving arms of Jesus, and it all started with Liz’s
story!  Now, as I am presented with the opportunity to give my testimony to
others, either through a daily devotional on Facebook, or face to face, I share
her story again and again, so she not only touched my life, but continues to
touch lives every day.  I can’t wait to meet her and those adorable boys in
heaven, and until then I will share her story…my testimony, with every person
whose heart is ready to listen<3.

2 thoughts on “Testimony by Jennifer Brown

  1. amazing testimony! and so true and awe inspiring the strength of the families and friends of Lizz and the boys.. most would just give up and b angry at God for what happened but they ddnt. just like you said even in the most devastating of times the kept their love and faith for Jesus strong and alive..

  2. Welcome to the family, Jennifer. It is through testimonies like yours that others see Christ and are drawn to Him. Blessings!!

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