Day 8: My favorite worship songs over the past year…….If We’ve Ever Needed You

Today’s selection was a song that was the cry of my heart.  It was a cry not only for me but for my husband, my children, my young granddaughter, our immediate and extended families, and our wonderful friends that were grieving with us.  I remember crying out for God.  And even when there were no words, I knew he was holding me, comforting me and he knew the meaning of those cries of my heart when there were no words……no words……none.

John and I attended a workshop yesterday to discuss how music touches and moves us in our grief journey.  The workshop was affirmation to me why music has meant so much to me over the last year.  Some songs allow me to mourn, others give me hope.  This song is by Casting Crowns “If We’ve Ever Needed You”.  This song comforted me during some very dark and difficult days.  I would sing it as a prayer when I had no other words.

I hope you are blessed!


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