Day 6: My favorite worship songs over the last year……No More Night……David Phelps

So, let me preface this song choice to some of my younger blog readers who will think this song is “ole school”.  And perhaps it is.  I grew up Baptist.  Big choirs, big orchestras, big voices.  To me, sometimes, it doesn’t get any better than that.  So, to my younger blog followers, let me introduce you to David Phelps of the Gaither Vocal Band.  I LOVE this song!  And then their is the amazing voice of David Phelps.  I love the message of this song….the promise of this song….no more night, no more pain, no more tears, never crying again…..and PRAISE GOD THAT HE IS FAITHFUL!    This song was and continues to be so comforting to me……comforting that one day I too will live in the light of the risen Lamb!

To some of my blog followers that have children that no longer share this earthly life with us and are currently or continuing to walk this journey…..I hope you too cling to the promise that they live in the LIGHT of the Risen Lamb!  They have their mansion in glory and one day when we are rejoined with our loved ones, the hole that is in our heart for them will be full beyond measure and there will be no more tears…….AMEN!

I had the pleasure of seeing David Phelps twice in concert.  I consider him one of the best tenors in today’s Christian music.  I hope you are blessed.  This song gives me goose bumps every single time.

Lastly, today begins a bereavement conference for John and I.  It is the Compassionate Friends National Conference.  It was started for parents/grandparents/siblings who have lost children/grandchildren and siblings.  Please pray for us as we attend the conference and workshops over the next four days.  One thing I have realized already, there are many that are on this journey and we do not travel this road alone.



One thought on “Day 6: My favorite worship songs over the last year……No More Night……David Phelps

  1. This song is so meaningful to me. My daughter, Courtney Paige was run over and killed in the dark and stayed in the dark until daylight when she was found. I have never felt the same about the dark since then. I get anxious when night falls and have trouble sleeping, wanting to be awake for her all night so that she will never be in the dark alone again. I am learning that there is no darkness in heaven and this song made me cry. It’s main message is living in the light…no more darkness. I hope that others that have this fear feel the same comfort I do from it. Thank you Lord Jesus for one more answered prayer. We are the ones with the tears because we long for our loved ones but Courtney has no tears only happiness. I will dwell on that thought forever.

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