Day 5: My favorite worship songs over the last year…… “Give me Jesus” by Jeremy Camp

I have seen Jeremy Camp in concert probably half a dozen times.  Clearly one of my favorite Christian artists.  He is a testament to how God can be glorified through the journey of grief.  As many of you may or may not know, Jeremy lost his first wife to cancer.  Through that experience, God  has been glorified.  God has used his voice, his story, and his music to witness to others.  As I stated in my post about suffering……it’s easy to follow Jesus when life is going swimmingly.  But what about when you lose your young wife to cancer?  What then?  Jeremy Camp’s history was that journey.  And those that follow his music find an incredible honesty and transparency in his lyrics.  In his auto biography, he talks about how God instructed him to pick up the guitar and how the words to the song “I Still Believe” poured out of him after the passing of his wife.  I have many Jeremy Camp songs that have touched me deeply on this grief journey, and several more will show up in my worship list (hint, hint) on the blog over the next 25 days.  But today, I had to share this one.

I have heard him sing this song at the opening or closing of his concert several times.  The song is simple but for me has been powerful and healing.  And the words though simple are very profound.  When the storms of life continue to pound our lives, it is in those moments, you realize that nothing matters of the world.  Just give me Jesus.  I can’t say I ever really grasped these words until this past year.  But once again as I listen to this song, it is my continued prayer…..Just Give me Jesus!

This song marks the beginning of another part of my journey this past year…… growing intimacy with Christ and his grace, his amazing, sustaining and wonderful grace.


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