Day 2: My favorite worship songs over the last year…….Homesick by Mercy Me

As a parent, we expect to leave this world before our children.  We are somewhat emotionally prepared that at some point we will see our grandparents pass, our parents, and perhaps even our spouse.  I however, was not prepared to say good-bye to my daughter Elizabeth at 25, and even more difficult to comprehend to say good-bye to my two grandsons, Fischer age 3 and Benjamin age 2, and a third grandson, Hayes that we were joyously expecting in January 2013.  So, when something like “July 30th” happens, I had an insatiable urge to know about their new home.  You see, I’ve believed in Heaven, as long as I have been a follower of Jesus (age 8).  He spoke about it. The book of Revelation described it.  He said we would live with him forever in this home called heaven to those that followed him.  Liz was also a follower of Jesus.  And I cling to his promise that we will be rejoined again one day and their will be immense rejoicing!

So, as part of my grief journey shortly after the accident, I wanted to know everything about heaven.  I read six or seven books on heaven.   I wanted to know everything I could about my daughter and grandchildren’s new home.  That also included me being comforted by worship songs about heaven.

Today’s song is written by Mercy Me.  The title:  “Homesick”.

I look forward to rejoicing with Liz and the boys when it is my turn to be called home.  I get to spend eternity with my Lord, Lizz and the boys, our family and friends that have also gone before.  Until then, I wait patiently…..with faith and hope.

My prayer is that this will bring comfort to those hurting and will bless you!


One thought on “Day 2: My favorite worship songs over the last year…….Homesick by Mercy Me

  1. Julie you are so gifted…I agree with everything you said…we want to go now but our work is not finished here on earth…until then we praise him and do his work and one day we will all be together…this month of July I am going to light a candle for Lizz every night…Courtney would be pleased about that…much love to you and you are my heart sister…Love, Laurie

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