Memories of Easter at Grandma Patschke’s by Shannon Patschke

Today’s guest blogger is my friend Shannon Patschke.  As you will read in Shannon’s post, Easter in the Dowdy/Patschke family is spent at Grandma Patschke’s.  These celebrations are very special  to my daughters Lauren, Elizabeth, my grandchildren and their families.  I am thankful that Shannon has shared some of those memories that my daughters and grandchildren experienced at Easter over the years. To honor these celebrations, I created a video of Grandma Patschke’s Easter celebrations from 2009-2012 in hopes that it will bring back wonderful memories.  The song is “I will Rise” by Chris Tomlin.

I know Lizz and the boys are having the most amazing Easter egg hunt in Heaven!  Can you imagine hunting for treasures with our Lord?  And what joy He is having watching the children…..and Lizz is there just beaming with her smile and that one dimple :).  One day we are promised to be there too!  I look forward to that day!  Easter in HEAVEN!

So Jesus, thank you that you have overcome, the grave is overwhelmed and the victory is won!  WE WILL RISE!  AMEN!

Shannon my thanks for sharing these special times and precious memories.  Read on…….



Easter is a time for hope.  A time for remembering the sacrifices made for our salvation.  A time for reflecting.  A time for rejoicing in the promise given to us by our Father in Heaven.  It is also a time for fellowship among family and friends, Easter egg hunts, and new beginnings.

This Easter will be spent in the same way I have spent it for the past 24 years since I have been a part of the Patschke family…. At Grandma Patschke’s house.

And yet this Easter will be so very different….

Some of my BEST memories have been made at Grandma’s house at Easter.  There are so many memories that have been made over the years.  Of course there’s the food, which is always so very good at Grandma’s.  I will always remember how much Fischer and Liz loved the carmel apple dip I always bring!   Then there’s the riding around on the gator and the fishing and shooting.  Last year Rodney and I enjoyed watching the Dowdy’s hang out down at the tank, fishing and doing things that Fischer and Ben loved to do.  Of course, Ava was right there with them, with Liz and Lauren in tow!  Everyone had such a great time!

Another very special memory of mine is watching all the children dying and decorating Easter eggs.  Grandma always has at least 3 dozen, if not more, eggs boiled and ready for little creative hands to decorate and dye.  I can still see, very vividly, sweet little Fischer displaying his masterpiece all the while sporting a blue mustache – not a Kool-Aid mustache but instead an Easter egg blue dye mustache!  Trevor got the biggest kick out of Fischer drinking that dye!  Along with the Easter egg decorating comes the Easter egg hunt.  We always start with the youngest and so last year Fischer and Ben were the first to go!  I remember the smiles and joy, the screeches of excitement and the expressions on their faces as they were discovering the eggs that we hid.  Every child out there had such a great time.  And, as tradition has it, after the hunt we gather the kids around for the group picture.  That was the last picture I took of Fischer and Ben.  The last time I saw Liz and the boys.  I cherish that time and it will be forever etched in my memory.  Their smiles, their laughter, their beauty….  That is how I will remember them always.

SP Easter5

Fischer after drinking the blue egg dye!

Easter 080

Elizabeth and Benjamin Easter 2012

Easter 2011m

Fischer and Elizabeth Easter 2012

This year it will be a different kind of Easter at Grandma’s without Liz, Fischer, Ben and Hayes.  My heart will be heavy because I am a selfish human being who misses them terribly BUT my heart will also be full knowing that they get to celebrate Easter with JESUS!  How blessed are they to be in heaven where there is only joy and happiness!  How blessed are they to be eating at the table with our heavenly Father!  THIS image brings me great comfort and peace.  May this Easter bring comfort and peace to everyone as we worship the ONE TRUE GOD who sent his only Son to redeem us from our sins!

Shannon Patschke

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

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