My dearest Elizabeth Anne on her 26th Birthday………

My dearest Elizabeth……

Well, today is your birthday.  You are 26.  You are celebrating this milestone in heaven.  I can only imagine what that is like.  I hope it is more amazing than anything you have ever dreamed of!  Can’t wait to hear who comes to birthday parties in heaven!  Must be an amazing guest list for sure!

To help share your life with others, many of your friends and family have been sharing memories, pictures and thoughts on this day.  One recurring theme that rings through all of them, is your amazing joyous spirit, your infectious smile, the sparkle in your eye, and your ability to never meet a stranger and make everyone and anyone feel comfortable in your presence.

I too have decided to share some memories.  You were born February 27, 1987 at Seton Hospital in Austin Texas.  I went to the hospital THREE times in false labor…..and finally Dr. Wernecke was tired of seeing me and induced labor.   You weighed 8 lbs., 14.5 oz. and had so much hair!  The nurses loved fixing your hair after your bath, and many called you “little Elvis”.  I will never forget when Dr. Guerrero came in to tell me you were a healthy little girl and you had one dimple…..and said that one dimpled children were “very special”.  He also told me that you had been kissed by God, and had a birthmark on your upper leg that was in the shape of a heart.  Boy, was he right.  You were a very special child.  When you were born, I had a three year old (Jennifer) and a two year old (Lauren).   I definitely had my hands full and I think God knew that and he gave me you!  You were a perfect infant.  In fact, you slept through the night your first night home!  How did you know that I was an exhausted Mom?  You were such a content child until you reached the interesting “twos”.  Even as a young child, you would enter the room and within two minutes you had everyone’s attention.  That gift would continue throughout your life and make you the sales person and successful business proprietor that you became with your business Twentycoats.

Your dream when you were in high school was to own a spa.  That dream drove you to drive from Round Rock to South Austin every evening to attend massage school while you were in high school.  The massage school stated you were the youngest student they had ever had and were concerned whether you would be able to go to high school full time and massage school at nights.  Of course, you proved them wrong.  Once you decided you were going to accomplish something that was it!  You completed high school on time AND graduated from massage school!

You had dreams of going to the Aveda institute once Fischer and Benjamin started school.  I believe that heaven is a “real” place and allows us to fulfill those dreams that God has placed in our hearts and use the talents that He gave us.  So, I have no doubt that on July 30, 2012, God gave you the keys to your day spa and you are doing what you do best with all the other people that call heaven home.

So, Elizabeth, this is uncharted territory for me…….to have a child that lives in heaven.  In my attempt to honor your life and celebrate this day, I put a memorial in the Lexington Leader (thank you Cindy Terrell!), and the Salado newspaper (thank you Marilyn!).  I made a “birthday” wreath and will take a balloon bouquet to the cemetery and place them on the earthly place that is a witness and a testimony to your earthly life.  Randi Bingham and I placed a floral arrangement on the altar of your home church, Salado United Methodist Church that included your favorite flower……sunflowers!  Lastly, I created a video that I will also share on the blog.  My hope and prayer is that others will see through the pictures your joy, your spirit and your love.

Elizabeth wreath1

Your birthday wreath on the Diem front door

Elizabeth 2013 birthday memorial Lexington LeaderYour memorial in the Lexington Leader 2/28/2013

Lizz church flowers 02272013

Altar arrangement at Salado United Methodist on March 3, 2013

So, today I am celebrating your birthday with your two sisters.  I thought it was appropriate to spend it doing something that was a dream of yours…….a spa day with facials and massages!  We will have the spa to ourselves and I am bringing a special candle that Jennifer gave me that we will light to represent your light that still shines in and amongst each of us.  My thanks to Rebecca Cunningham, owner of Elite Aesthetics in Georgetown and her Mom for doing an amazing job in making this day special!

Lastly, God sent you to me at a time of difficulty and deep pain.  Just like I said at your home-going, you were sent to rescue me.  The two years that it was just the two of us living in my house in Round Rock are some of my most special memories.  I will store those in my heart until I meet you in an amazing embrace when God calls me home.  I hope you know how much I love you and how very proud of the daughter, woman and mother that you became.

I love you to the moon and back,

Mom (Julie)

Lord, you promise to hear my prayers, and I know that my daughter is with you.  Please hug her for me, wish her a happy birthday for me, tell her I love her and to save a place for me…..I’ll be there soon……



One thought on “My dearest Elizabeth Anne on her 26th Birthday………

  1. I forgot about the massage school and idk why because she had me go with her once. They had to bring someone to practice on and I was so excited because I had never had a massage before!

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