Birthday thoughts from her favorite teacher!

From Elizabeth’s favorite teacher, Rebecca Shelley who was Elizabeth’s Social Studies teacher in Middle School and sparked her interest in running and joined the cross country team that Ms. Shelly was coaching:

When I was asked to write down some memories of Elizabeth I said , “Of course , I would be glad to share my memories.” Little did I know how hard this would be, I actually started five different times but none of them felt right. But on the sixth time as I began to write instead of memories, God chose a different path. I know God has truly blessed my life by the people he has put in my path.  I have no doubt Elizabeth and her boys are in their heavenly home looking down on all of us. She now has answers to all of her questions.  When Liz was in 6th grade she asked me how I knew God was real. My answer was “because without God there is no us.” From that point on we had many discussions about being a Christian. I know we can become better Christian people if we follow the examples Liz lived out in her life. Liz loved God with all her heart and soul. She loved her family and friends but more than that she loved her neighbor and tried to help others. You know she loved with all her heart by the smile that was always on her face. Her smile lit up the room, a true gift from God. Lastly, Liz lived. She lived life to the fullest with God as her anchor. She enjoyed her family, friends, and everyone she met. Liz was a loving and devoted child of God, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. Each of us is a better person for having known Liz.

I believe God has a plan for each of us. I believe part of His plan for Liz was to bring people to Christ and to set a standard for us. Are you willing to reach that standard?

Remember we walk by faith not by sight,
Rebecca Shelly, proud MS teacher of Elizabeth

Lexington Cross Country MS team, coached by Rebecca Shelly
Elizabeth Herro, front row, 2nd from left.

Elizabeth Herro attending the Huntsville cross country meet with her Coach Rebecca Shelly.  One of her fond memories!

PS:  Ms. Shelly….I hope you know how much Elizabeth loved you…long after her school years she spoke of you.  You gave her the vision that learning could be exciting and dynamic……you gave her the love of running and determination.  She was never the fastest on the cross country team, but she never gave up.  She told me how she hoped that Fischer and Benjamin would have great teachers like you.    And for that I thank you. 
And for all the teachers that happen to read this blog, do not think for one moment that what you do is insignificant.  You have a job that allows you to make a difference every day.  My advice is to not squander that opportunity………Julie

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