Princess Half-Marathon Weekend


I just recently noticed what Elizabeth captioned on her FB page:
I love you Mom, to the moon and back……

Today blog readers, I wanted to share one of my favorite memories as a Mom.    It actually occurred over Lizz’s 24th birthday in 2011.  My three daughter’s and I decided to go to Disneyworld to participate in the Princess Marathon weekend.  No children, no husbands, just us….like we had been as a family unit so many years ago.  We shared one room……cheered each other on…..spent two days in the most magical place on earth riding rides and enjoying the women we had become.  As I look back, who would have known that it would be that Princess Half-Marathon weekend that would become the last time that just the four of us would be together.  Jennifer and I were running in the 5K event.  It was our first race!  Lauren was running with Lizz in her first half-marathon.  We ran our races, walked all the parks, rode all the rides, laughed, shopped and built many memories that I cherish today.

Two years later, this Thursday, John and I will return to Disneyworld for the Princess Half Marathon weekend.  Jennifer and Lauren aren’t going with us this time, but I have a dear friend and her daughter that are also attending the event.  I will once again participate in the 5K.  This time I will be joined by my beloved John, my sister by another mother, Sherry Travis and her amazing daughter Tara.  We will again stay in the same hotel as we did in 2011 and frequent the same rides, shows and shops.

Princess Pirate

Lizz wanted something to wear in the race….and this is what she picked!

I also plan that with God willing,  I will return next year, in 2014, before my 55th birthday to run in my first half marathon……the Princess half-marathon…….the same 1st half-marathon that Lizz ran with Lauren.

I wish my daughters and I had more opportunities to do more mother/daughter events by ourselves as adults….but as many of you know, the fast pace of life, work, children, and commitments make that challenging.  To my friends with adult daughters, I challenge you to find the time and book that weekend with your daughter(s) and celebrate your relationship and the women you have become!

IMG_0082To my precious Elizabeth Anne…..this coming weekend will be a time of remembering some sweet, sweet times.  I will run with you in my heart, remembering your smile, laughter and spirit.

You were and are today a Princess of the KING!  You live in the ultimate princess castle in heaven today where you reside with your boys.  And you, my sweet baby girl are in the presence of a Prince……the Prince of PEACE…..and Lord of Lords.

And Elizabeth…..I too love you to the moon and back.- Mom



Lauren and Lizz waiting me and Jennifer at the finish line of the 5K!

Lauren and Lizz waiting for me and Jennifer at the finish line of the 5K!


My INCREDIBLE daughters!


Me and my 3 amazing daughters!


Finish Line, Medals and SMILES!

Finish Line, Medals and SMILES!

5 thoughts on “Princess Half-Marathon Weekend

  1. Such a sweet story. Being away physically from ones parents is probably the hardest thing ever to do and I miss my mom terribly:( ur sweet words about ur girls brought tears to my eyes and a longing n my heart to experience the love a mother has for her children one day. Thnk u for ur words and what an amazing thing ur dng by running:) keep running the amazing race he has called us to participate in:)

  2. Beautiful and bittersweet. Next weekend will be filled with laughs and tears, just know all of us here will be giving you a hug and high five in our hearts. This is a good lesson. Take time. Time to ….. whatever. Just be selfish with it. ❤

  3. I’ll be thinking of you, Princess Julie, as you courageously run that RACE!! You are an inspiration to all of us. I love this blog and I love YOU!!

    • Julie, that brought tears to my eyes!! Liz would be so proud of you and will be flying right beside you as you run your race!! Love you and thank you for your sweet words of wisdom!!

  4. Julie-I’m so glad you have the fond memory of this trip with your daughters! This post had me in tears.. how great for you to go back and do the 5k this year! I’m cheering you on for the half next year- what an amazing goal!! It will be emotional, I’m sure, but a “first” you will share with Elizabeth, and that is very special. ❤

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